The Essence of Timeless Fragrances

The Essence of Soaps

A Bespoke Burning Experience

The creation of Alchimie’s candles is a process that requires countless hours of craftsmanship, careful sourcing of raw materials, and specialized expertise to perfect. Each candle is hand-poured, ensuring no two candles are alike. And, in keeping with the clean and pure experience, candles feature soya wax cotton wicks that contain no paraffin and synthetic ingredients, creating scents that are simultaneously comforting, inventive, and safe

Designed to Seduce

Begun with the aim of offering safe, refreshingly fragrant products, all Alchimie soaps contain ingredients that are identified and sourced only for their therapeutic qualities. With no fillers, every ingredient actively contributes, resulting in a final product that is exceptionally strong in scent, free of harsh chemicals and wonderfully nourishing.

A Scented History

The Alchimie brand logo is inspired by the ritual of a bee, collecting nectar from flowers to create sweet honey. Alchimie conceptually positions itself as the bee with a keen sense of smell to uncover the essence of the timeless fragrance.

Unsurpassed Craftsman and Attention to Detail.

Realizing her vision for luxuriously pure and elegant fragrances, Fathiya Al Marzooqi set out to gather a team of talented Alchemists with the creative spirit and keen nose required to conjure scents that are soothing, contemporary and imaginative.