Alchimie is a luxury homegrown brand conceptualized by Emirati entrepreneur Fathiye Al Marzooqi and a team of alchemists with the purpose of providing luxury candles, home fragrances and soaps to enrich the spaces you inhabit.

Born in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Fathiye Al Marzooqi, longtime connoisseur of the finer things in life – notably style, grooming and scent collection, turned her hobby into reality at the end of 2020 , after realizing a need in the home fragrances market. With the idea of bringing the intricacy and care that goes into perfume making into home fragrances, Fathiye created Alchimie to bridge that gap.

Collaborating with a team of talented alchemists, Fathiye’s creative spirit and keen nose, brought to life four bewitching fragrances, for spaces that evoked warmth and emotion. Crafted into four ranges – home diffusers, candles, home sprays and soap – each creation is a representation of Alchimie’s sensorial journey.

Drawing its main inspiration from the art of alchemy and the original alchemists, the honeybee – Alchimie offers a carefully curated product line the same way that perfumes care for your body. Alchimie’s line of luxury scented candles, home diffusers, sprays and soaps, are all organic, environmentally friendly and perfectly engineered to enrich the homes they inhabit.

From the blends that are carefully selected to the thought behind Alchimie’s design, each element serves to satisfy both the eye and purpose. From the sophisticated hues to the refined contemporary designs, Alchimie’s products are made to seamlessly connect with the character of your interiors without compromising on your home’s design. What’s more is that each product is comprised of all-natural, environmentally conscious and highest quality ingredients. Modern yet rooted in tradition, lavish yet serene, discover a sensory experience unmatched by none with Alchimie.