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Alchimie Fragrances

L'Abeille Epicee Diffuser

L'Abeille Epicee Diffuser

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Experience the captivating aroma of L'Abeille Epicee Diffuser, an exquisite blend of woody notes, rich amber, and the rare Agarwood Oud. Encased in a beautifully handcrafted glass bottle, this fragrance masterpiece will fill your space with a luxurious ambiance that is bound to captivate all. Indulge in the allure of L'Abeille Epicee and elevate your surroundings with confidence and sophistication.

Instructions For Use

To use Alchimie reed diffuser, simply remove the stopper from the bottle and insert the reeds. Allow them to absorb the scented oil, and then place the diffuser in a desired location. Enjoy the gentle fragrance as it naturally disperses throughout the room, occasionally flipping the reeds to maintain the intensity of the scent.


Woody notes, with amber and Agarwood Oud

Home Essentials - Reed Diffuser Set: Elevate your living environment with this exquisite decor piece. Ideal for freshening up your home, bedroom, bathroom, or office, it transforms your space with elegance and fragrance. View full details